Opensource Telegram-бот для интеграции CodebaseHQ от aTechMedia

Opensource project


Hackathonish version of the Telegram notifications bot for CodebaseHQ

I'm in no way a PHP programmer, but this bot works quite well in Telecan company. It also has no reason to be opensource, but why the hell not.


This bot sends you notifications regarding your assigned projects.

Currently available events (pretty much everything you can get from CodebaseHQ):

  • Ticket creation and update
  • Repo push
  • Exception raised
  • Deploy.hq deployment


Search tickets:

/tickets project_name [search_options] - project_name: fuzzy search for match in project name or permalink - search_options: quick search options from CodebaseHQ (optional, though, recommended)

Your assigned unresolved tickets:

/my_tickets [project_name search_options] - project_name and search_options are optional

You may use shortcuts: \t and \mt respectively.

CodebaseHQ search parameters: https://support.codebasehq.com/articles/tickets/quick-search



Some nice stuff

  • The bot highlights messages requiring your attention with ‼️
  • It gives you direct links to anything useful regarding the event
  • Messages contain #hashtags for easy navigation and grouping
  • You can forward a ticket you've just created to the assignee to get his attention (currently, you're notified of your own actions, too. You can switch it off... somewhere in the TelegramSubscriptionsHandler)

Setup, Requirements and more


Ищу новые задачи. Звоните :)

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